Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Turnabout is fair play. Unless, of course, your name is Heather Mallick. Keep on kicking the tiger, and eventually, the tiger bites you. After sinking to new lows - Sarah Palin looks like a porn star, Alaskans are stupid, small towns are for backwards people sort of lows - Americans noticed that somebody was being infantile, and they struck back. Fox news journalist Greta van Susteren kicked back. She called Heather Mallick a pig.

And she meant it. No, Ms. van Susteren was not playing at the same level. The move was deliberate; she was feeding Heather Mallick a little bit of her own medicine to prove a point. And she was right. Like a four-year old bully who loves to hit other children but cries when they hit back, Mallick is now crying foul. She feels victimized. Her words were educated opinion, the backlash is a personal attack.

Now the story is spreading across the nation that Republicans have launched some sort of an anti-Canadian attack. Newsflash, Ms. Mallick: most Americans don't spend their days thinking about Canadians the way you spend your days hating them.

Good grief.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. I like how you left the last sentence ambiguous - assuming you did that on purpose. Mallick hates Americans, yes - but also looks down her nose at Canadians.

Heather Malice said...

Yup. That WAS on purpose. You got my point.